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Come and explore Cogne mines

May 13, 2019 - NEWS

Mines - Cogne - Aosta Valley

Cogne magnetite mine (among the highest in Europe), with over 100 km of galleries and original machineries, allows visitors to follow the footsteps of generations of miners.

Through a short panoramic walk from Cogne it's possible to reach Costa del Pino, where a magical atmosphere surrounds you: the old buildings, the view, the utensils, the rooms left untouched since the departure of miners and the clank made by the train that brings you inside the galleries. Thanks to that, the visit becomes a unique experience, bringing you back in time.

Jump on the old train with its mine carts and leave for an exciting journey into the mountains, into the mine, into history!

Info and reservations

Val di Cogne Tourism Operators Consortium

+39 0165.74835 | info@cogneturismo.it

Mines de Cogne Cooperative
+39 0165.749665 | info@minesdecogne.com

  • Le miniere sono raggiungibili a piedi, con una passeggiata da svolgere in autonomia su strada interpoderale (circa 1h30).
  • Il sito è accessibile con l'accompagnamento di guide abilitate.
  • I turni di visita vengono confermati al raggiungimento del numero minimo di 10 partecipanti.

Val di Cogne
Tourism Operators Consortium

Rue Bourgeois, 33 - 11012 Cogne (AO)
Aosta Valley - Italy - PI / CF 01065870071
info@cogneturismo.it - Tel. +39 0165 74835

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