Heart of Gran Paradiso National Park

Ancient Mines in Cogne Valley

Magnetite mining in Liconi, Colonna and Costa del Pino, located on the slopes of Mount Creya, dates back to the time of the Salassi and the Romans and has continued until 1979, when the mines were officially closed.

The mines in Cogne are a firm reminder of what was one of the main sources of income for local people for many years. The remains of the cableway used to transport the material, the passenger funicular that went from Cogne to Colonna and several buildings are stil in evidence today; a shop, a library and even a cinema were opened for the benefit of the miners.

The old mining village, a few kilometers out of town, currently houses Fondation Grand Paradis, where both Gran Paradiso National Park visitors’ center and the Alpinart exhibition are located.

The Alpinart exhibition is also currently hosting a temporary exhibition about mining, telling the story of Cogne.


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